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Domestic Violence Ipswich

Domestic Violence Lawyer Ipswich

Domestic violence matters are a serious problem in Ipswich, which is why our lawyers at Ipswich act with compassion, urgency, and sensitivity because we believe that everyone should feel safe in their own home and own family. The laws surrounding domestic violence are designed to protect you from intimidation, harassment, stalking and coercive control.

Family Lawyers, You Can Trust

The team at Wilson Law is up to date and familiar with domestic violence law and have worked on hundreds of family law cases where domestic violence may be occurring.

We service the greater Springfield area, as well as Augustine Heights and many of the surrounding suburbs of Ipswich. Out clients contact us, looking for family lawyers that they can trust, as we will be working on behalf of them to assist with separation, divorce and support around relationship services which may assist our clients leaving the person who is committing the domestic violence. Our team are there to ensure that people are protected from intimidation, harassment, stalking, and other types of violence.

Finding the right family lawyers is one of the most important things that you can do when dealing with family law concerns. Whether you are married or in a de facto relationship, you have the same rights to access family law services in order to file for separation or divorce.

If you feel that you are at risk of becoming a domestic violence victim, let our experienced lawyers help you through the application process of DVO or Domestic Violence Order to ensure the safety of you and your family. The domestic violence orders are put in place by the court to help prevent someone from being able to come near you, threaten, and contact you.

People who are experiencing a domestic violence matters whether in their marriage or within their family, including physical violence and financial abuse can contact our lawyers who are experienced enough to help you with any domestic violence law issues.

If you have a Domestic Violence Order is made against you and you think that the actions are unjustified, you may contact us for legal advice so you and our lawyers can discuss this subject. All of our solicitors are well experienced in representing both respondents or commonly referred to as the defendant and applicants.

Whether you are in a marriage or just an unhealthy de facto relationship, you can contact Wilson Law to represent you as you embark on separation from your relationship. Our clients are looking for a person they can trust and our team of Family Law experts.

Our lawyers are also highly experienced working within The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme, which was a scheme approved under professional guidance and was implemented by the Australian federal government to ensure a person experiencing domestic violence relationship,

Here are some of the areas that our lawyers can assist you with any Domestic Violence Law issues:
  • Assistance rejecting a Domestic Violence Order
  • Representing respondents or applicants
  • Assistance applying for a Domestic Violence Order
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Physical violence

If you experienced or know a person who experienced domestic violence or anything related, we can help you get a protection order on your behalf from the person suspected of conducting domestic violence. Contact our Ipswich lawyers today for expert advice and protection orders.

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About Domestic Violence Lawyers

Ipswich Lawyers is a law firm based in Ipswich, Australia and has been serving the community of Ipswich, as well as Augustine Heights and Greater Springfield Region. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service. We have a team of family lawyers and other lawyers that can work on scheme approved professional standards legislation services for you so any legal advice is welcome with us.

We cater to both personal and commercial law, which means that your case will definitely be given the attention that it deserves by our well-experienced team of lawyers. We make to resolve any legal conflict even before the process of a court system but we are well equipped to take on any challenges of any court proceeding if needed.

Our commitment is to provide nothing but the highest possible standard of service to the courts, clients, and our community.

Other Services of Family Law

Divorce and Family Law

Marriage is a beautiful thing that can happen to a person, but sometimes, due to some misunderstandings, it leads to separation. But there are some instances where a separation is no longer an option, which will then lead to divorce. Our clients who are going through relationship issues come to us for legal advice and even for protection order, which our lawyers can definitely help you with.

Our team of family lawyers work hard to ensure that this painful time will be as easy as possible for you and your family on any family law issues. We know that each family are different and dealing with separations are also different from each of them. Our family lawyers for the Family Relationships Centre will also be listening to all the details about your situation and hear all of your concern to get the best outcome possible.

We have an experienced and reliable team of family lawyers, who will assist you and provide you with a advice on legal matters in a timely and amicable resolution without the need to prolong court proceedings about any family law issues.

Our family law solicitor has a main goal of reducing the expenses of our clothes both financially and emotionally. Our family lawyers can also help come up with family dispute resolution on any family law matter that you and your family is going through.

We also provide divorce applications is separation is no longer an option, and provide assistance to protect people who are going through divorce and as well as their children during the process of separation. Everything will be discussed including the party’s ability to support children and relationship.

Here are some of the areas that we cater for Family Law:
  • Legal representation at Family Court
  • Family mediation
  • Domestic and family violence orders
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Property settlements
  • Divorce
  • Family law matters
  • Children’s issues including paternity testing
  • Marriage, De Facto Relationship and divorce law
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Child support, parenting matters, relationship breakdown, and other family law

Domestic and Family Violence

Family violence is a serious issue that affects everyone in the family, including parents, children, and even extended family. Finding the right person to help you with your family law issue is one of the best things you can do when going through the breakdown of a relationship, separation or divorce.

If you live in Augustine heights, our family law experts are happy to take you on as clients and are willing to discuss all of your family law needs.

The family court takes any form of family violence very seriously, including threatening, violence, stalking, assault, and even intentionally causing injury or death to a family member or a family pet.

When a marriage doesn’t go well, a person’s life can change and violence may occur during or even after separation, which is why it is essential to immediately report any type of family violence and domestic violence.

The Ipswich courts are guided by the Family Law principles below:
  • Even if the children don’t witness the violence directly, they are aware of it.
  • The court is concern about the possible and immediate longer term impacts on children who are experiencing or witnessing a family violence.
  • Family violence can even occlude before or during separation. There are some instances that violence may happen after separation and may affect a person’s ability to make choice about their family law matter and to take the events in court.
  • Family violence can affect everyone in the family, including the child.
  • Safety is a priority and the right for everyone who attend and work at any court.

Most family violence lead to court with domestic violence orders, but there are some instances that a family dispute resolution is made for the sake of the children. Our family lawyers can help create domestic violence orders and child support law.

Call us today so we can discuss any family violence or even divorce law to you before even taking the case to the judge.

Injury and Compensation Law

Sometimes, the sudden loss of income due to loss of physical mobility or illness or any traumatic injury can take a toll on someone’s career. We know the issues that can arise during these incidents and our lawyers will ensure to protect your rights to every compensation.

Our team of experienced injury and compensation lawyers will help handle your situations thoroughly and conscientiously based on professional standards legislation so you can take your leave without worrying. We always follow a scheme approved under professional legislation.

We will take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on your recovery. Our team will also make sure to recover every cost that you’re entitled to, including travel to and from doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation expenses, wages due to lost work, and medical expenses.

We will also discuss any personal injury work exempted just to be clear on legal issues that are schemed approved under professional standards legislation.

Our lawyers can assist you with compensation claims and services including:
  • Total and permanent disability claims
  • Superannuation
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical negligence and personal safety
  • Workplace accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents

Criminal Law

We make sure to go through great lengths to make sure that everything are fairly dealt with. A criminal law’s outcome can forever change your life for a long period of time, and forever for some. We have a strong criminal law background wherein we tirelessly work to make sure that our clients will receive the best representation possible.

Working with us will make sure that you are being represented by nothing but the best lawyer in Ipswich. We will not only protect and represent you, but we will also walk you though all the legal process with compassion, sensitivity, and without any judgment.

Contact us immediately if you are facing any criminal law to seek legal advice and legal help even before you get a court date.

Our lawyers can assist you with the following:
  • Theft and fraud offenses
  • Sexual offenses
  • Robbery
  • Perjury
  • Manslaughter or murder
  • Dangerous weapon or firearm offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Violence, including domestic violence
  • Computer related crime
  • Driving offenses
  • Assaults

Wills and Estate Planning

Some people make a mistake of not having a valid Will, which can then lead to a huge issue for people who are left behind. Without having a valid Will, all the estate that you will leave behind may be considered as an intestate, wherein the law will be the one to determine how your assets are distributed. It may take a long time and the distribution may never be in according with your plans.

The best thing that you can do to protect not only your assets but as well as your family is to have a valid Will. Our team of lawyers can help create a Will that has a clear outline who you wan to take care of your estate and who will receive your respective assets.

A Will can also help with the arrangement for the care of the children in an unfortunate event that you pass. Our team can help you prepare an Advanced Medical Directive and Power of Attorney.

Our lawyers can assist you with the following:
  • Advice on estate matters
  • Trusts
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Estate taxes
  • Advice on appointment of guardians and executors
  • All Wills and estate disputes
  • Letters of Administration
  • Probate

Commercial Law

Business and commercial law are one of the most challenging areas of law because it combines and incorporates many aspects, from property law to contract law. Our team of lawyers understand every complexity of this issue and the stresses they place on both owners and the businesses.

Our lawyers will provide a comprehensive advice in every area related to your business. You will be guided to every process to ensure that you understand and is fully informed in every step in the way. Whether you have been in this industry for because or just starting out, our lawyers can become your partner that you can rely on.

If you are having issues with your business, our commercial law service can help you with everything, including coming up with a dispute resolution.

Contact Ipswich Lawyers

Contact our expert team to help you with any domestic and family violence issues or ay issues mentioned above. We also cater to Greater Springfield Region and Augustine Heights so feel free to contact us for any legal matters that you may have. Whether you need protection orders, spousal maintenance, domestic violence matters, and child support, our lawyers at Ipswich is here to assist you.

Give us a call or send us a message to create an appointment today.

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