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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Allegations in Brisbane Are Serious. Do Not Face Them Alone!

When you’re facing domestic violence allegations in Brisbane, Australia, call on Wilson Law right away to help you deal with this critical legal matter. Our domestic violence lawyer Brisbane are highly experienced when it comes to providing aggressive defence on our clients’ behalf, as well as handling delicate personal issues that are often thrust into public light.

Domestic violence and physical violence is a very real and very serious problem that is wreaking havoc in many domestic settings around the world—and homes in Brisbane are no exception. Too often, close bonds between individuals take a turn for the worse and result in domestic violence, and what was once happy and loving relationships can suddenly become plagued with violence, resentment and animosity.

While no one challenges the gravity of domestic violence, those accused of the crime deserve equal representation in court, especially since many of them turn out to be wrongfully accused. This is where our domestic violence lawyer Brisbane from Wilson Law come in. With our excellent record in successfully winning domestic violence trials in Brisbane, you can rest assured that a capable team of lawyers will be doing their best to achieve the most favourable results for your own case. For Domestic and Family Violence Lawyers Brisbane, contact us at Wilson Law.

Defend Yourself Against False Domestic and Family Violence Charges in Brisbane

There are many reasons why some people choose to wield false or exaggerated domestic violence allegations. Here are some of them:

  • As a kneejerk response to the behaviour of anger or pain they are feeling at the moment
  • To retaliate against the person they are accusing and to damage said individual’s reputation
  • To facilitate divorce or separation from the accused
  • To acquire a portion of the accused’s estate or properties
  • To use as leverage to win a child custody case
  • As a means to seek attention due to mental illness or a personality disorder

Whatever the reason, a false domestic violence allegation can have a far-reaching impact on the lives of people who are accused or convicted of the crime. They could face long-term incarceration, loss of child custody, unemployment, loss of assets, and many other challenges.

This is why it is important to be proactive when it comes to defending yourself against unwarranted domestic violence claims. A qualified Domestic Violence Lawyer Brisbane who specialises in domestic violence cases can help you determine the motivations of the person bringing forth the allegations and expose them in the court of law. For trustworthy and capable domestic violence lawyers in Brisbane, contact us at Wilson Law.

Domestic Violence Order in Brisbane: What It Means for You

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs when a person, who is in a close personal relationship with another person, behaves in a way that is abusive towards the other person. The abuse does not need to be physical. It can be emotional abuse, psychological, or financial in nature, and it can include threatening language. In most cases, it will involve some control over the person who is being abused.

What happens if you are named in a domestic violence order?

There are strict conditions that must be followed if you have been named in a domestic violence order. Some of the conditions that can be imposed include:

  • You must be of good behaviour at all times towards the aggrieved and any named persons in the order
  • You must not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved or another named person
  • You must not approach or attempt to approach the aggrieved or another named person, or
  • You may be ordered not to return and reside at your home

Can a domestic violence orders impact your employment?

If your employment requires you to have access to weapons (e.g. as a security guard or working in a rural industry), a domestic violence order could significantly impact your employment. Should you be named as a respondent in a domestic violence order, the police will suspend or revoke your weapon licence.

What are the consequences for breaching a domestic violence order?

It is an offence to breach a domestic violence order, and there are severe consequences for doing so. You can be fined up to $6600 or sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment.

If a police officer reasonably suspects that you have committed domestic violence, you may be taken into custody pending a hearing of the matter in court.

What is a Police Protection Notice?

A Police Protection Notice is issued by the police to provide temporary protection for the aggrieved. The notice is issued without the need to attend court. All notices require the respondent to be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved. It operates like a Temporary Protection Order; however, it will also generally include a 24-hour “cool down” condition. This condition prohibits a person from contacting the aggrieved and entering or coming within a certain distance of the premises.

If a Police Protection Notice is breached, you may face a penalty of up to 60 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers Brisbane Can Help You

If you have been named as a respondent in a domestic violence order, talk to our experienced domestic violence lawyers in Brisbane immediately. Visit our office in Kendron, where you can have a free 30-minute initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you. You may also contact Wilson Law by dialling (07) 3350 5317 or by sending us an email at info@wilsonlaw.com.au. Our domestic violence lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for your case.

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