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Wills And Estates

About A Will Lawyer in Queensland

Our team of experienced estate lawyers have extensive experience in wills and estate planning as well as estate administration, in order to ensure a comprehensive wills and estate planning service that will benefit you and your family. Our team of Brisbane estate lawyers are experienced in a range of litigation surrounding wills and estates, including the division and sale of property, contesting certain parts of a will, preparing wills, executor legal advice, life insurance collection advice and many other specialist services around wills and estate law.

Prepare for the Future with a Comprehensive Brisbane Estate Plan Today

Estate planning is the process of arranging the management and distribution of a person’s assets in the event of that individual’s death or mental incapacitation. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not only for the wealthy and those with an expansive list of properties and monies. If you have some amount of fortune in Queensland—big or small—your estate has value to your loved ones.

An effective estate planning process in Brisbane ensures the protection of your assets and interests for future generations—specifically your descendants or even the charities you may choose as beneficiaries. While your own mortality is a subject you might not be too keen to talk about, estate planning, at the end of the day, is simply a way to ensure that your wealth and legacy pass on to the people you care about.

If you’re interested in drawing up a will or crafting a comprehensive estate plan, contact Wilson Law today. Our compassionate and competent estate planning lawyers will be more than happy to walk you through the options available to you.

The Benefits of Estate Planning in Brisbane and Queensland

Your estate lawyers in Brisbane may advise all you need may be as simple as having a will, but it often involves much more than that. Setting up an estate plan typically requires developing a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your estate is dealt with properly when you pass away. The benefits of estate planning include the following:

  • To ensure that your assets and property are distributed exactly according to your wishes
  • To name executors and trustees who will administer your estate after you pass away
  • To ensure that your heirs are properly provided for
  • To minimise any disputes contesting your will
  • To have a third-party executor to settle any disputes & handle administration
  • To reduce estate and inheritance taxes that will have to be paid by your family
  • To avoid messy estate disputes among your potential beneficiaries
  • To ensure you have proper insurance prior to death
  • To ensure your spouse & children is taken care of
  • To give you an opportunity to support causes that are important to you
  • To plan for possible incapacity in the future
  • To ease the burden of your family and prevent them from having to make difficult decisions (e.g. concerning your end-of-life care or your funeral arrangements after you are deceased)

At Wilson Law, we prioritise our clients’ concerns about their wealth, its preservation, and transfer by actively working with them and their accountants, financial planners, other professional advisors.


We Provide Complete Estate Planning Services in Australia

Our team of estate lawyers has both domestic and commercial experience, so we have extensive knowledge when it comes to wills and estate law in Queensland. If you need a scheme approved will lawyer Brisbane, Wilson Law estate lawyers can help you with the following issues:


A will is a document that outlines how you wish your assets to be distributed when you die. It is one of the most important documents you will ever sign.

At Wilson Law, we help our Brisbane clients create properly drafted and executed wills. We are dedicated to ensuring that your will sets out your requests in a clear and concise manner. Whether your estate is large or small, complex or simple, our legal experts at Wilson Law will afford you peace of mind by ensuring that the distribution of your assets reflects your final wishes. We can assist with up-to-date specialist wills, family law and expert wills.


Enduring Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints someone of your choice to lawfully act on your behalf, as if they were you in legal, property, and financial circumstances. An enduring power of attorney continues to operate in circumstances where you were to become mentally incapacitated.

At Wilson Law, we understand that the choice of attorney is a personal decision, but we can advise you on possible options available and stress the importance of a trustworthy and capable attorney.


Estate Administration

Estate administration involves the management, collection and distribution of a deceased’s assets and liabilties.

If you have been appointed as an executor, we can assist you in obtaining grant of probate from the Supreme Court of Queensland and other administrative court proceedings in order to ensure the executor of your will is protected and valid. We can also assist with identifying the assets and liabilities, distributing the estate to beneficiaries, and ultimately winding up the estate via general administration services. we follow the professional standards legislation which includes handling estate planning documents, taking care of the estate administration process, all estate litigation matters, and handling any estate dispute or estate matters. If you need an estate planning lawyer who is highly experienced with Queensland law, choose Wilson Law.


Estate Litigation

The law recognises that although a person has the right to decide how their assets are distributed, eligible people also have the right to be treated fairly and to be provided for. If you have been left out of a will or have been unfairly provided for in a will, we can assist you in making a claim. At Wilson Law, we listen and work with our clients to help them receive what they are legally entitled to.

Our specialist estate lawyers can act as your voice during this difficult time, as you may be dealing with the death of a loved one. We will work with you to grant you the deceaceasd’s valid wishes to you and your family.

Because strict time limits apply to estate litigation, we also recommend that you obtain legal assistance as soon as possible to ensure that you claim your rightful inheritance.

To learn more about our estate planning services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by sending us a message at info@wilsonlaw.com.au or by calling (07) 3184 8486.

Contact Us

If you’ve been thinking of organising a Will or have decided to review your Will, call our office and our professional estate lawyers will get in touch with you almost immediately. You can also enquire through our website and book a time to come into our office to have a specialist consultation with one of our estate lawyers. During our initial consultation, we will discuss with you whether you seek to contest a will or if you require assistance with other estate law legal services, like drafting your will.

For any legal advice on Wills Estates and other family-related law, contact our law firm today through our phone number and our executor team will be here to help with all your legal concerns. We believe it’s important to be fair and transparent when it comes to our will planning service, which is why we provide you with fixed fees for some of our less complicated services, in order to ensure we keep the cost down for you and your loved ones, while still providing expert consultation service.

We provide legal advice in different areas of the law. With the growing complexity of legal issues in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, many of the law firms today practice in just a select few areas. This can leave a lot of clients in a difficult position when they encounter a certain legal issue that does not fall within the law firm’s ambit.

Our law firm know that it is important that a lawyer should be able to assist you with any of your issues, by being familiar with every area of the law. That is why we hire different estates lawyers who focus on different law areas, so they are able to provide a diverse range of legal services. All of our professionals are called in to share their experience and knowledge on behalf of our clients, whenever needed.

If you need assistance with a will-maker, legal documents or testamentary trusts, we can provide high-level assistance which has been approved under professional standards. If there is a concern with potential legal fees, we can provide a fixed free quote for a particular situation.

Wills and Estates Law in QLD

Wills and estates matters are often handled annually, from simple drafting to the most complex wills and helping to resolve and handle disputes. The main goal in this area is to ensure that all your wishes and those of your loved ones are honoured after you have passed. We make sure to create effective estate planning that involves doing the best that we can to ensure that your assets are passed on to your preferred beneficiaries tax effectively and efficiently.

Proper planning for everyone’s future will involve proper consideration of your circumstances and the circumstances of the people who are beneficiaries. This will not only require any held assets, but as well as interest, life insurance, and superannuation in any business interest or trust. We host the most experienced probate and estate lawyers in Brisbane City.

You need to thoroughly plan your future not only one that will involve your Will, but also the appointment of guardians. It may also include the documentation of all your wishes regarding your future health care and the decision of your end-of-life treatment.

Why You Should Have a Will in QLD

A Will is known as a legal document that lets the deceased’s decide what happened with the estate. Not everyone has a Will because they don’t see the importance of this document, but the truth is, this is one of the most important legal document that one should do not only for themselves but for their loved ones.

Here are the reasons why you should have a Will and Testament:

Legal Guardians for Minors

If you are a parent, you can use the Will and Testament to nominate your guardian for the minor children that will be left behind. Although if only one parent dies, the surviving parent will have the sole custody of the children. If both parents pass, then a Will will make sure that your children will be in good hands.

Your chosen guardian will be the one responsible for your children’s daily needs, including clothing, education, health care, housing, and food. Not nominating a guardian will let the court decide for you, which means that it can be anyone.

Saves Money, Stress, and Time

Almost every estate has to attended to a probate court to start their legal process to help oversee the assets’ distribution. But if you don’t have a Will, the process can be lengthy and complicated. The court will be responsible in naming a personal representative to help administer your estate, which can be expensive, stressful for your loved one, and time-consuming.

One of the main reasons of having a Will is to make the process of the grant of probate easier. If you have a Will, you can choose the person that will handle your estate and you won’t be able to contest it anymore, which will make it easier for your loved ones.

Determine the Estate Asministration

Determining who will handle all your estate is a smart reason to have a Will. When you start writing your Will, you become the testator and you have the power to nominate as to who will execute everything that is needed to unwrap.

Being an estate administration is a very important job, as the responsibility may include liquidating assets and closing back accounts. So make sure to choose someone who you can trust to carry out all these activities. Now, if you don’t choose your own estate administration, the court will be the one to pick up for you and it may definitely be the person that you would want; and contesting will no longer be possible.

Decide Who Gets Your Estate

Having a Will means you will get to decide your beneficiaries for specific parts of your property, insurance money, and other assets. Our estate lawyers will help you to name your beneficiaries for any property or other assets that you have. Your estate administration will be the one to handle the Will and will be the one in charge in distributing the assets.

There are some instances that some people may not receive anything, this is very much normal. For instance, you may want to make sure that an ex-spouse don’t receive anything, while also making sure that all children get the support that they need for school.

Digital Assets

Your digital assets, including your online accounts should also be included in the Will. You can name someone to manage these assets after your passing. For instance, you can leave them to specific people which includes the information that they need to access the account.